About us

”TITEM TRANS LLC” was established in 2018 to become a leading domestic service provider for exploration and mining companies. The company owns and maintains its drilling and geophysics instruments as well as the necessary logistical base in Ulaanbaatar city.

TITEM TRANS LLC's advantage is our access to experienced engineering and technical team members. We believe in constant training and operational readiness as equipment, and operating standards evolve.

We understand that safety is a key concern for our clients. Therefore our safety rules and procedures must reflect our clients' safety standards, and we intend to maintain safety, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility rules that match our clients' vision and values.


To provide high quality, professional exploration and mining services to the Mongolian mining industry.


By combining skilled employees, a well-maintained fleet of equipment, and streamlined operations standards, we will introduce industry-leading efficiency and create value through the quality of our work. Our clients’ objective will always be a priority.

Our values

Providing a professional, ethical service through our skilled team
Justice and mutual respect
Honoring the trust that our clients bestow upon us
Project execution that is reliable and responsible

Our team

We are proud of our innovative, enthusiastic colleagues and will continue to create an a positive environment. The main asset of our company is our team. 

TITEM TRANS is an optimal choice for those responsible individuals adaptable to new environments, who can lead as well as follow rules and guidelines.

We focus on the developing our staff. Our human resource philosophy is developing the skills of our staff by continuously training our staff at both personal and professional levels.

Executive director’s biography

Mr. Dulguuntamir Sukhbaatar is a Mongolian business executive who has had a successful career in telecommunication and international trade sectors. He is experienced in working with the Government of Mongolia as he has been awarded multiple Government tenders over the past 5 years. Mr. Dulguuntamir established Titem Trans in 2018 to provide mining and exploration services- mainly in drilling and geophysics.   

Bachelors degree from The Institute of Technology
MBA from the National Academy of Governance

Since 2013 Founder and Executive director at Eternal Net LLC
Since 2018 Founded and Executive director of Titem Trans LLC